Our Vision

Our vision is to use hand craft and social enterprise to support human and social development. We wish to provide meaningful work to adults with additional needs, as a human activity that gives expression to individual creativity.


Our Values

  • We value meaningful work that integrates practical activity, thinking and emotions
  • We value mutual respect and strive to understand the uniqueness and diversity of all people
  • We value the capacity for personal growth present in all people 
  • We value openness, goodwill and tolerance, and we treat individuals with dignity and respect
  • We value the beauty and the story inherent in each person and in each piece of fabric 


Our Mission

  • To integrate education, care, hand-craft, meaningful work and therapy to create a holistic response to the needs of the individual
  • To create opportunities to support personal growth to enable people to reach their full potential
  • To create opportunities for people to gain transferable work skills which meet their aspirations for meaningful activity and employment
  • To create opportunities for people to build relationships with the wider community and to contribute to community life
  • To use fine crafts and creative products to positively change social attitudes towards adults with additional support needs
  • To embrace the movements of slow cloth and zero waste