Our Vision


We believe that each individual has the potential to shape their own future through experiencing relationships with the universe, the earth and its people. We believe that hand craft and meaningful work can provide a path of personal growth.  At Life and Loom we strive to create a safe and nurturing textile studio where this vision can be realised. 


Our Values

  • We value meaningful work that integrates practical activity, thinking and emotions
  • We value mutual respect and strive to understand the uniqueness and diversity of all people
  • We value the capacity for transformation present in all people 
  • We value openness, goodwill and tolerance, and we treat individuals with dignity and respect
  • We value the beauty and the story inherent in each person and in each piece of fabric 


Our Mission

  • To use hand craft as a means in the unfolding of human and social development
  • To provide meaningful work in its true form as a human activity that gives expression to individual creativity
  • To use hand craft to support the building of social, environmental and economic resilience
  • To recover the innocence from a ruthless and mechanised culture of global consumerism