Occupational Day Placements

Central to Life and Loom is the provision of occupational day placements for individuals who have support needs. Our approach integrates education, care, hand-craft, meaningful work activity, and therapy to create a holistic response to the needs of the individual. 


We work with the belief that the transforming of natural materials such as wool into useful objects can have a profound impact on the development of a person.

We work with a variety of traditional skills; for example, carding, spinning, dying, weaving, felting and sewing to co-produce textile pieces which are then developed into products to sell.

We aim to use these creative products as a platform to alter public attitudes and normalise the place of people with support needs in society.


We use hand craft as a tool to support people with personal growth, to develop new skills and to build supportive relationships. Being part of social enterprise and engaging in hand-craft, people can learn transferable work and life skills as well as academic and functions skills; and most importantly people learn to value themselves.

We are proud to support people’s creativity, not just by giving them the freedom to express themselves and to make creative products, but also the opportunity to earn an income through offering handmade products to the general public. 

Placements can be funded through an individual's social care personal budget or direct payment. If you don't have a personal budget or direct payment, funding may be available depending on your age and circumstance. Alternatively, you can self-fund.


Personal growth, becoming skilled and community relationships

We use hand craft to enable growth in three areas; Personal Growth, Becoming Skilled and Community Relationships. Examples in each of these three areas may include;

- Personal Growth – well-being, self-management, self-expression, self esteem, identity, aspiration, motivation and confidence

- Becoming Skilled – learning new skills, reading and writing, workplace skills, application of ICT, initiative and enterprise, application of numeracy, problem solving and business and customer awareness 

- Community Relationships – friends and relationships, contributing and making a difference, respecting others, social responsibility, celebration, communication and social skills, teamwork and co-operating and managing conflict. 




"Life and  Loom has helped improve my confidence and learn new skills. I also have made some good friends there, especially Fynn and Alix. I am really happy here and and look forward to coming. I feel at home here and part of the team. It has given me pride in being able to give handmade presents to my family and seeing their joyful reaction. I am also very pleased to hear that my bag has been admired online by a french fashion designer. It gave me enormous pride." - Trainee

"Life and Loom is a lovely place with fantastic people. I work with Katy as her therapist. Katy has autism and goes to Life and Loom every week. My client is learning and participating in various activities. She has become familiar with the place and people that we meet at Life and Loom and very quickly grew in confidence. It's a perfect place for people, not only with autism, to learn new skills, grow in confidence, benefit from the therapeutic effects of engaging in artistic activity and meeting really nice people and being part of a community." - Personal Therapist