Freestyle Art Weaving

Freestyle Art Weaving is your chance to sit at a loom and weave freely, enjoying each moment as it comes. No rules, just bring your own ideas, personality, hopes, choices, rhythm and preferences to the weaving process so that the fabric you produce is completely unique. 


We offer Freestyle Art Weaving on a Saori floor loom, which is designed for ease of use and creative potential. The loom will be prepared and threaded with a warp, ready for you to begin weaving at your own pace. 

A tutor will be on hand to guide you through the process.

Freestyle Art Weaving is £7 per hour (or one craft credit per hour with a studio pass)

Contact us to book your session

Suitable for beginners and children 7+



 "I enjoyed a day weaving at Life and Loom. It was fab, I felt right at home in the relaxed & friendly studio and loved the freestyle weaving. I’m look forward to doing it again!! Thank you for a fab weaving experience." -  Customer 


Studio Pass

 For more information about a Life and Loom Studio Pass and purchasing Craft Credits click here.