Bespoke Group Workshops

All our workshops can be tailored to your group and can be booked for birthday parties, festivals, workplace and school enrichment, community groups, day care centres, nursing homes, home school groups etc. 

Some of our workshops can be held at a venue of your choice. For example; If you fancy an evening event with beer and food we can put on a workshop at the Brain Jar on Trinity House Lane. 

Bespoke group workshops start at £25 per hour plus material costs. 

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss a bespoke workshop booking for your group. 


Bespoke Workshop Themes

Freestyle Weaving

Freestyle weaving is your chance to sit at a loom and weave freely, enjoying each moment as it comes. No rules, just bring your own ideas, personality, hopes, choices, rhythm and preferences to the weaving process so that the fabric you produce is completely unique.  

You can choose to weave on a rigid heddle loom, floor loom or table loom, but please note that your choice may be subject to availability. Looms will be prepared and threaded with a warp, ready for you to begin weaving at your own pace. A tutor will be on hand to guide you through the process.

Introductions to Weaving

Introductions to Weaving workshops are designed to give you the basic knowledge required to make a warp, thread the loom and weave a selection of samples. Classes include weaving on a 4-shaft table loom, rigid heddle loom, inkle loom and peg loom, as well as frame looms and weaving sticks.

Make and Take Home

Our Make and Take Home workshops focus on designing and making a finished product. Examples include wall hangings, scarves, cushions, tote bags, rugs, bunting, phone cases, coin purses, hot mats, greeting cards, shoe laces, key rings etc. Many things can be made out of woven fabric so please get in touch with your ideas. 

The Story of Wool

Our Story of Wool workshops is designed to educate about the stages of wool processing, including scouring, carding, spinning and weaving.  Participants can try their hand in the various stages of the "fleece to fabric" process 

Zero-waste Weaving

Zero-waste Weaving is a method of weaving a new fabric from unwanted or scrap items, such as bed sheets or clothing, or even plastic bags. Workshops can also include making zero-waste looms from items found around the home, including cereal boxes, fruit crates and picture frames.



Giant loom weaving is ideal for groups and community building workshops. Together you can weave a big wall hanging on our GIANT LOOM. 

Handmade Wooden Looms

What could be more empowering than building your own loom on which to weave your own fabric? In these workshops we can make peg looms and frame looms using basic hand tools. 

Children's Weaving

Children's weaving is suitable for the early years and children under 7. In these workshops we play with materials and colour, and introduce the principles of warp and weft. 

Weaving for Healing

In our Weaving for Healing workshops we use weaving as a path of meditation, rehabilitation, trauma-recovery and stress reduction. We can also use the craft to explore topics such as mental health and wellbeing. 

Guerrilla Weaving

Make woven artwork using bicycle wheels, gates and fences, foot bridges and trees, and brighten up your community space!


There are many other textile-related possibilities we can explore, such as finger weaving, back strap weaving, felting, dress making, knitting etc. Get in touch with your ideas.



 "I recently had the pleasure of joining my two sisters at the life and loom studio for a bespoke group workshop. This was my first attempt at weaving and I was initially apprehensive as I am not particularly creative, however, I was immediately reassured by Holly who was very calm, friendly and extremely good at explaining the process. I was able to choose my preferred colours and design and after an initial teaching session I was quickly able to weave independently and able to ask for assistance when necessary. I spent a whole day weaving and managed to complete a beautiful brightly coloured scarf, something which I never expected to be able to admit to!
I was delighted with the finished product and the fact that I had learned a new creative skill. I have been wearing the scarf regularly and received a lot of complements, especially when I explain I wove it myself. Following this experience I would highly recommend the life and loom studio as a destination for a creative day out with a difference with friends and family, they also have the facilities to do children's sessions." - Bespoke Workshop Customer