Your pathway

Your Pathway is a programme designed to help unemployed people aged 18 years and get the skills and work experience they need to progress towards employment. 

We work with the belief that shaping natural materials such as wool by hand into artisan products through a variety of traditional methods - for example; carding, spinning, dyeing, knitting, felting, sewing and weaving - can have a profound impact on the development of a person as a whole.

Participants will form a textile collective and will work alongside our supportive co-workers. Collectively we will create arts and craft pieces which are then developed into products for sale. 

Life and Loom is a weaving studio, so it follows that central to our mission is helping to train people to become skilled in weaving. However, what we offer is not entirely vocational and we do not put expectations on people to be employed in weaving once they decide to leave us. By being part of a social enterprise and engaging in handcraft, people learn more than purely academic and functional skills; they learn transferable work and life skills, and most importantly they learn to value themselves.

Our approach incorporates 6 hours of textile craft every week in our safe and nurturing textile studio and is fully funded through the European Social Fund. 


What is involved?

- 6 hours per week

- Monday or Friday

- 10am-4pm

- Fully funded by the European Social Fund


- Aged 18 or above

- A legal resident and eligible to work in the UK

- Unemployed and entirely without work


We support people to develop a personal learning plan which uses SMART goals in three areas; Personal Growth, Becoming Skilled and Community Relationships. 

Using hand-craft we support people to develop employability skills in the following areas;

- Self-management

- Teamwork

- Business and customer awareness

- Problem solving

- Communication and reading/writing

- Maths

- IT Skills

Please contact Fynn at or 07825221642