Life and Loom is a social and therapeutic weaving studio based in Boulevard, Hull


The studio is a not for profit social enterprise founded by Fynn and Holly Hopper. 

At the heart of the studio is a daycare workshop for adults with additional needs where we strive to integrate education, care, hand craft, meaningful work and therapy to create a holistic response to the needs of the individual. Being part of a sheltered workshop and engaging in textile craft people learn more than purely academic and functional skills but also transferable work skills, independent livings skills and, most importantly, they learn to value themselves. 

In addition to our daycare provision we strive to open opportunities for all people to experience the therapeutic potential of hand craft. 

We are developing projects which aim to;

- help people progress towards further education and/or employment

- reduce social exclusion for people by building relationships

- proactively break down barriers and tensions between diverse groups of people

- provide a studio space and community resource for textile craft

- benefit peoples physical and mental health

- support local people who use textile craft in self employment

Our Daycare Workshop

The daycare workshop provides meaningful work opportunities for adults with additional needs including learning disabilities, autism spectrum conditions, mental health conditions and physical disabilities. 


We are a day care provision incorporating a holistic approach to hand craft. We work with natural materials such as wool, and shape them by hand into artisan products through a variety of traditional methods and processes; for example, carding, spinning, dying, knitting, felting, sewing and weaving. We have relationships with local sheep farms and sell what we make in our small shop and market stall. 


We provide people with an individual package of care and support them set goals in three areas; personal growth, becoming skilled and community relationships.


We are a place where all people are valued as artists and where all people can enjoy their own creative nature, regardless of previous experience or perceived artistic ability. Each person can bring their own ideas, personality, hopes, choices, rhythm and preferences so that every fabric produced is completely unique. 


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