Life and Loom is a weaving studio and social enterprise based in Boulevard, Hull


The studio is a not for profit social enterprise founded by Fynn and Holly Hopper. 

We strive to integrate education, care, hand craft, meaningful work and therapy to create a holistic response to the needs of the individual. Being part of a social enterprise and engaging in hand craft people learn more than purely academic and functional skills but also transferable work skills, independent livings skills and, most importantly, they learn to value themselves. 

 We strive to open opportunities for all people to experience the therapeutic potential of hand craft. 

We are developing projects which aim to;

- help people progress towards further education and/or employment

- reduce social exclusion for people by building relationships

- proactively break down barriers and tensions between diverse groups of people

- provide a studio space and community resource for textile craft

- benefit peoples physical and mental health

- support local people who use textile craft in self employment


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