Life and Loom is a textile studio providing day opportunities for adults with additional needs.


Life and Loom is home to a collective of makers living with additional needs, for example disability, learning disability/difficulty or long term-health condition. Our studio is a safe, nurturing and meaningful work environment where individuals work collaboratively to make craft pieces which are then developed into products to sell.

We work with the belief that the transforming of raw materials such as wool into useful objects can have a profound impact on the development of the person as a whole. In our studio we use natural materials and shape them by hand into artisan products through a variety of traditional methods; for example, carding, spinning, dying, weaving, felting and sewing. 

Our approach incorporates working with sheep on local farms and selling the finished products from our market stall.

We offer freestyle art weaving sessions, tuition, workshops, bespoke workshops, commissions and craft socials to the general public. All proceeds go towards furthering our charitable aims. 


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